God Just Can't Keep His Opinions To Himself

what%20would%20jesus%20do%20wwjd.GIFIn addition to being omniscient and omnipotent, our Creator is very opinionated -- especially when it comes to politics.

First God told Katherine Harris that he wants her to be a Senator. Then he endorsed Charlie Crist in the Florida governor's race.

And now he's decided to weigh in on the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, throwing his support behind the Democratic incumbent, Governor Ed Rendell. It seems that God is bipartisan in his endorsements.

The full details, after the jump.

Now this endorsement might be a little surprising at first. As our Keystone State tipster points out, Ed Rendell is "a liberal, Eagles-rootin', cheese-steak-eatin', Jewish lawyer from Philly," while his opponent is "the conservative, good Christian, and ex-Steelers great Lynn Swann. Could God possibly be signaling a shift in policy?"

The Scranton Times-Tribune offers this explanation:

Forget the campaign forecasting of the pundits and pollsters. Gov. Ed Rendell might have God on his side.

During a voter awareness event in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, the incumbent Democrat received word via a Lycoming County minister -- a registered Republican, no less -- that God has "decreed" he will be re-elected to a second term.

"I was a little stunned, to be honest," a smiling governor said afterward.

And who exactly was the divine messenger?

The campaign bombshell was dropped by the Rev. Carl Vining, pastor of the nondenominational House of Judah Ministries in Montgomery and a chaplain-on-call for the state Senate.

As the reverend introduced Mr. Rendell to a packed Rotunda, he told those gathered that "the God of Israel" recently sent word through him on the outcome of this year's gubernatorial election.

"The God of Israel said, 'One more term,'" the Rev. Vining told Mr. Rendell.

Finally, did God set forth his justifications for supporting Governor Rendell?

"God has his own reasoning. It's the will of our father in Heaven," the Rev. Vining said.

The lack of transparency in the divine recommendations isn't surprising. We can hardly expect God to get his hands dirty with all of our petty issues.

And what issues would God be worried about anyway? Gas prices? Not a concern; that cloud he rides around on gets great mileage. Illegal immigration? Nah -- St. Peter is way more effective than the U.S. Border Patrol.

So just take God's word for it. Pennsylvanians, vote Ed Rendell for governor!

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