Looks like we're in for stormy weather, death and destruction coming through ....

Here's tonight's severe weather alert from Waco's News Channel 25. Yikes, it's a big terrible thunderstorm over Crawford. But it should clear up by tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, all the poor people in Crawford have offered their barns and double-wides as vacation rentals for the wedding guests, but the elites aren't falling for that.

Let's remember the good times we've had with single-gal Jenna:

☛ Designer dresses and crappy, home-made souvenirs.

☛ Jenna meets the Nazi Pope!

☛ White House Reveals Where The Wild Twins Are.

☛ First the White House attacked the Waco Cultists, then it attacked the nice people of Crawford.

☛ J.B., phone home. Phone home!

☛ But her dad can't remember if she was ever born.

☛ For a few days, several years ago, Jenna seemed to sort of like her husband-to-be.

☛ And did Laura Bush like Henry Hager? Not so much ....

☛ But what about Jenna's South American boyfriend?

☛ And was she really pregnant?


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