Godspeed You Black Emperor

* Karl is leaving because he's sick of being called mean names. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Bill Richardson loves America and all the choices we get to make here, like whether or not to be gay. [TPM]

* "Agent of change" is generally a term applied to a person who would radically change current policy, but sometimes it can be used for the person who would keep everything exactly the same. [Election Central]

* Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe looks with envy upon America's enhanced interrogation techniques and and its terrorist surveillance program. [MoJo]

* Politics can age a person, but Karl Rove looks like the same fat sack of shit as always. [Maxim]

* While the rest of see the makings of a laughing stock, Rove might just see a sure bet. [Fresh Intelligence]

* British MPs press for a change in the UK's policy of fellatio for the American president. [Thnk Progress]


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