Goldman Sachs Artificially Inflates The Price Of H1N1


  • Yeah yeah alright, the mighty elephant "ballot boxed" (pun!) the snot out of the scrawny little donkey. But check out the guns on that elephant, and his extremely agitated facial expression. 'Roids. Textbook case. [RedState]

  • Everyone gets access to affordable health care? Isn't that what happened to the Jews at Dachau? The latest scholarship -- and some dude with a sign -- would suggest so. [Think Progress]

  • Delete your Gmail account, pound a two-liter bottle of Robitussin and head for Mexico. You have been way too productive lately, and it's time to take it easy. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Wall Street gets first dibs on the swine flu vaccine! Let us weep for Matt Taibbi. He is still without an FDA-approved vaccine for his uncontrollable rage. [AMERICAblog]


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