Gonzales and Wolfowitz to Reign Forever

'You'll have to shoot me right here, basically, to get me to stand down.' - WonketteTwo Bush insiders are facing the toughest challenges of their careers: pretending to give a shit about universal criticism of their corruption and incompetence. So how are Paul and Al doing, this week? They're fine, thank you. Now would you shut up and let them get back to work?

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' Congressional testimony on his role in the US Attorneys scandal was acknowledged by more or less everyone as embarrassing and shameful, even by Republicans. Which, naturally, has the President quite pleased.

Bush said his confidence in Gonzales has actually increased, making the President 240% confident in the Attorney General's ability to do his job, which is banning the internet and locking up Muslims forever and ever. It's apparent that had Gonzales actually demonstrated any respect for the concept of Congressional oversight, he'd be out on his ass and looking for think tank work.

Meanwhile, at the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, accused of giving his special lady a raise, is digging in deep too. How deep? Hiring Bill Bennett deep, bitches.

The Bank board continues to stall in their 'investigation' of Shoeless Paul, in the increasingly deluded hope that he'll resign before they have to have him escorted out by security in the middle of the night.

At yesterday's brief meeting, Wolfowitz said he appreciated senior managers' "brainstorming" about ways to improve bank management and said he is considering a "coach" to assist him in changing his leadership style.

Oh, a "coach." What a grand idea. Maybe he can hire that Craig T. Nelson, he seems like he could use the work. Then he can put Craig on the World Bank payroll, give him a massive raise, and start fucking him. That will cure poverty once and for all.

At Least the Boss Was Satisfied by Gonzales's Answers [NYT]

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