Gonzo Forcing US Attorneys to Make Coffee, Pick Up his Laundry

According to the Post, Al Gonzales -- who fired approximately 400 united states attorneys for not suppressing black voters with enough gusto -- wasn't too careful with the ones he didn't fire either. Six of them spent a great deal of their time in Washington, doing odd jobs around the Gonzales house, making copies at the Justice Department, and generally not prosecutin' back home in the districts they're supposed to be in charge of.

Remember when Gonzales' CoS Kyle Sampson resigned so that Gonzales' wouldn't have to? Guess what, they replaced him with a U.S. Attorney from Virginia! William W. Mercer hasn't even seen Montana in two years! Not that Montana misses him all that much.

Relations between Mercer and [U.S. District Chief Judge Donald W.] Molloy have not improved since. Molloy berated Mercer during a court hearing last year, accusing him of bringing weak cases to court to pump up statistics and telling him: "You have no credibility -- none."

"Your lawyers are not getting their briefs in on time," Molloy said. "You're in Washington, D.C., and you ought to be here in Montana doing your work. Your office is a mess."

But Gonzales' office has never been cleaner!

Six U.S. Attorneys Given 2nd Posting in Washington [WP]


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