Gonzo's Lies Make Baby Jesus Cry

* The thing about just out and out perjuring yourself in front of Congress is your chance of success is higher in the absence of, say, documents and witnesses that confirm that you're a big fat liar. [Think Progress, Capitol Hill Blue]

* The patriotic Americans who write about the war on their blogs know far more about the behavior of the troops on the ground then most of the troops on the ground who are there because they hate America. [Carpetbagger Report]

* Looks like president of teevee Fred Thompson has good reason to evade FEC filings: Then everyone would know that he's not really raising any money. [Political Wire]

* Someone in the House is being a real fucking comedian about this whole "we know you guys love fucking whores" business which is the first thing done in this Congress that we fully support. [MoJo]

* Actually, we're pretty sure that we've called Hillary way worse things just this afternoon. [The Swamp]

* Towns on the Mexican border, like Hazelton, Pennsylvania, bear the brunt of the illegal Mexican bandito crisis and the last thing we need is activist judges helping them out. [Hot Air]


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