Good Christian Male Seeks Loving Canine Companion For Long Walks On The Beach, Buttsex


Jerald Hill, president of Windermere Baptist Conference Center in Bo[o]ne County, Missouri, may soon have a lot more time to spend with his family, since he got arrested fortrying to make love to a dog.

The investigation began last week when the task force got a tip that someone had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for two types of animals with which to have sex, Perkins said. One of the animals he sought was a dog. Perkins declined to say what other type of animal Hill sought.

Was it a mule? No, that was anti-abortion leader, secessionist, and former Georgia gubernatorial (unsuccessful, aw) candidate Neal Horsley who fucks actual mules.

Was it a dolphin? No, that was your mom.

Was it whatever kind of animal Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran used to fuck as a lad? Unknown-unknown!

Was it a chicken? Maybe.

Please leave your dogfucker puns and your best guess as to the type of husbandry Hill wished to perform on the second, and so-far unknown, animal in the comments.

[ColumbiaTribune via wonket operative "Paul"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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