Good Help Doesn't Come Cheap

  • Bill Gates -- the real one, not the Defense Secretary -- believes that technology can help heal our ailing economy. [Reuters]
  • Ed Liddy, the government-appointed AIG head and dollar-a-year whipping boy of the House Financial Services Committee, has quit his job, and warns that finding an equally affordable "bottom" to replace him will be difficult. [Bloomberg]
  • One of the accused Bronx synagogue bombers was a schizophrenic who kept bottles of urine in his apartment and left raw chicken on the stovetop. [New York Times]
  • GM will enter bankruptcy proceedings as early as the end of next week. [Washington Post]
  • In the future, Americans will be as nostalgic for malls as they now are for the neighborhood soda fountain, hot rods, and unprotected teen sex. [Wall Street Journal]
  • A lot of good it does California, being so packed with Obamatards and sending so many high-profile Democrats to Congress, because they still can't get a lousy government bailout. [Los Angeles Times]

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