Good News For People Who Don't Really Follow the News

bushafghan.jpgHey look, the President made a surprise trip to Afghanistan -- seems there's some sort of war on over there? -- to give a little press conference and help open their new Target Superstore. The conference provided a perfect opportunity for the President to explain just how we're measuring success at a time when suicide attacks are stepping up, much of the country is returning to Taliban and warlord control, and the central government seems to have authority only in Kabul.

One of the messages I want to say to the people of Afghanistan is it's our country's pleasure and honor to be involved with the future of this country. We like stories of young girls going to school for the first time so they can realize their potential.

And later...

I'm going to repeat what I said before: We like stories, and expect stories, of young girls going to school in Afghanistan. It means a lot to the American people to hear the President say that.

The new plan for stability in Afghanistan: Stories.

So keep those goddam stories coming, Karzai, or we'll pull out the four troops we have left in Kabul guarding your house.

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan [NYT]

Transcript: Remarks by President Bush and President Karzai of Afghanistan in a Press Availability [WP]


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