Goodbye, 109th

It's time, at least, to say goodbye to the Chokingest, Gay-Sexingist Congress Ever -- the 109th, whose tenure has surely marked a low point in American public life and a high point for jackasses who write funny websites. According to Roll Call, leaders say they wish to have the work of the people finished by this Friday, when the outgoing crooks and deviants will, in their final offense, confirm Iran-Contra crook and obsequious liar Robert Gates to Secretary of Continuing to Lose in Iraq.

This week, we learn to let go. Ol' Dracula Cunt's only got five days to revolutionize social security or whatever the hell, Bill Frist mere hours to diagnose Gorillas via television, and this may be George Allen's last chance to call Barack Obama "Mandingo."

Goodbye, 109th! Leave your favorite memories in the comments. Let's make this more sentimental than when that leggy chick left that morning show.

109th Likely to Close by Friday [Roll Call]


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