Goodbye Kelly Ann, We Hardly Knew Ye

We were fascinated by the Washington Socialites blog, to be honest. It existed in some parallel universe to our D.C., some "Washington Life"-subscribing dimension where people go to restaurants with complicated, multipart menus and attend charity balls. We loved the Socialites' attitude toward gossip (i.e., create it) and were charmed by their checkbook journalism.

Now Washington Socialites blogmistress Kelly Ann Collins has called the enterprise quits, she says, in order to "free myself up for life's next adventure!" We'd speculate that this adventure might be "Post"-Socialite (wink, wink) .... or maybe that she's teamed up with the Gawker Media Empire for an in-house Wonkette coup (Lord knows there's no one guarding this fort). But, as far as we know, there's no basis for either hypothesis. Ha, look, she's rubbing off on us already.

Dear Reader [Washington Socialites]


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