Goodbye To All That

  • Black people are stoked about Barack Obama winning the nomination. [New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post]
  • Meet the Republicans' own "Barack Obama": Bobby Jindal, a young Ivy League elitist from a minority. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Democratic nominee could potentially raise billions of dollars for the two-month general election sprint, while the Republican nominee will be auctioning off his collection of buffalo nickels. [Politico]
  • Clinton wuz robbed by the superdelegates, who showed superhuman strength in withstanding Bill's constant badgering. [New York Times]
  • Hillary said she was dropping out of the race on Friday, but that was just another psych out. Now she is dropping out of the race on Saturday. [Washington Post]
  • Between Barack Obama's problems with the white working class and John McCain's problems with Republicans, this presidential race could totally reshape the electoral map! Except it probably won't. [Los Angeles Times]

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