Google Grills Obama

goog.jpgWhat better way to talk about your tech feelings than to get folksy with the people at Google? Sen. Barack Obama did just that, probably expecting some softballs from awestruck geeks. Nope. They were ready and waiting with questions. Good, tough questions like "What have you learned from Clinton that is going to make you win?" and "What have you learned from Gore and Kerry and all those guys that you're going to avoid, so that history doesn't recur?"

"Democrats lose when they are attacked and because they don't know where they stand, they end up getting defensive instead of going on the offensive," Obama said.

One of the 1500 employees that gathered in the cafeteria asked why people should vote from Obama considering his perceived lack of experience. Obama cited Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page: "Sergey and Larry didn't have a lot of experience starting a Fortune 100 company," he said. "I suppose when they came in and started talking to (Google's current general counsel) Dave Drummond about starting a company, he could have said, 'They don't know what they're doing.'"

Oh, snap!

Googlers Quiz Obama at Town Hall [AP]


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