Google Knows Your, Mitt Romney's Secrets

logo.gifIt turns out that the various terrible and offensive things we write about all the creeps and fascists running for president affect the way your average loser on the street thinks! At least if your average googler, as simulated by Google Suggest, is any indication. Slate's Christopher Beam and Chadwick Matlin "investigated" (typed all the candidates names in and saw what funny things came up). Google Suggest suggests you might be asking about the following things:

* Dennis Kucinich's hot wife

* Fred Thompson's hot wife

* Seriously, Dennis Kucinich's wife -- did you know she has a pierced tongue?

* That time a fly was on Chris Dodd's head for a day or something. It's on YouTube, look it up!

* Rudy Giuliani -- he dresses in ladies' clothes, doesn't he?

* "mitt romney larry craig"

The Google Primary [Slate]


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