GOP Candidates Fight For Support of America’s Most Insane Racist


The GOP is of course known generally as the "pro-genocide party" when it comes to illegal immigrants, but the field of GOP presidential candidates appears to beworried that America's dim racist slobs have not been able to connect them enough with this platform. "Hey," the Racist Slob Empire of Arizona whispered, "we've got a guy for that." Cue Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the deranged sociopath who builds sprawling desert concentration camps where he tortures other human beings for their failure to be white. GREAT. GOOD. This guy, he is the GOP presidential field's new boyfriend.

OR, should we say, they would all like to be his boyfriend, but hottest-girl-at-the-prom Joe Arpaio is still holding out.

From AP:

"They're all calling him," [Arpaio campaign manager Chad] Willems said, adding that Arpaio will take his time on deciding on making an endorsement. "They're all in a hurry of course."

In the meantime, Arpaio will brag about being a GOP slut, on Twitter. The Latino voters, they will love this! [AP/Twitter]


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