Where is your god now, Values? - WonketteJust hours ago, we brought you the charming story of Mitt, Rudy, Walnuts and Fred saying "no thanks, black people" to the Tavis Smiley debate at the "historically black college in Baltimore." Well guess who else gets no love from the Republican Frontrunners? Poor white people who believe in Jesus!

While it won't be broadcast on teevee -- oh hey, there's a webcast! -- the "Values Voter Debate" will still allegedly take place. And the very same leading candidates who are skipping the black-student debate are also skipping tonight's white-Jesus debate:

Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson are skipping the debate. Scheduled to attend: Huckabee, Ron Paul, Sam Brownback, John Cox, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and Alan Keyes.

Wait, WTF? There are seven people running for the GOP nomination besides Rudy, Walnuts, Mitt and Hollywood Fred? When the fuck did Alan Keyes declare? We thought he was still in the crazy house. And John Cox, that name sounds familiar. Have we ever mentioned him? Let's see if this search feature on Wonkette actually works .... Nope, figures. Let's try Google. Jackpot!

Okay, well don't miss the big Values Voter Debate, on your computer. Feel free to "live blog" it in the comments or whatever; we have to go to the grocery store or maybe the dry cleaner, and maybe balance our checkbook or clean the oven or something.

GOP frontrunners skip Values Voters debate [Palm Beach Post]


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