Too much fighting on the dance floor - WonketteNow that Reagan's finally dead, GOP candidates need to the seek the magical blessing of other Sainted conservatives who aren't related to Bush in any way. So they're trekking over to Merrie Olde England to shake hands with the walking corpse of Maggie Thatcher.

Fred Thompson dropped in on Lady Thatcher last month so that her sociopath pixie dust could rub off on him and turn him from a free-lovin' abortion-fundin' Clinton-lover into a Real Conservative.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is planning a little trip to the UK in September to "deliver the memorial lecture to the Atlantic Bridge think tank," according to The Telegraph, which we're pretty sure is one of the crazier London newspapers (we can never keep all of them straight).

It is Mr Giuliani, however, who is perhaps best placed to capitalise on nostalgia in America for Lady Thatcher and her close friendship with Ronald Reagan, who is still lauded for winning the Cold War and restoring hope and confidence in the country.

Uh... yeah, sure, guys. There's a helluva lotta Thatcher nostalgia out here in the colonies. Boy, we all tear up when we think of the good old days of Tory rule.

The only problem with this plan is that the only people in the US who remember who Thatcher is -- let alone the fact that she's still alive -- are aging punks and Elvis Costello (he lives in LA, right?), and the conservatives these jokers are looking to impress pretty much have her confused with Nancy Reagan, or that "Weakest Link" chick.

US Candidates Seek Thatcher's Blessing [Telegraph]


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