GOP Jerk Thrilled That New Voting Law Stops Black People From Voting


Democracy's greatest champion in South Carolina, Republican strategist Wesley Donehue, was delighted to learn from a news story that a tough new anti-voting law has successfully stopped many, many black people from voting. The AP article is more than just informative, however -- it “proves EXACTLY why we need Voter ID in SC.” How else can you legally bar 1,977 registered black voters from voting? Heh heh, we mean without the "old ways" of doin' things Down South.

TPM has this:

The Associated Press put out a story this week showing that South Carolina’s voter I.D. law “appears to be hitting black precincts in the state the hardest.”

One person who really loved the story was Wesley Donehue, the CEO of Donehue Direct and a political strategist for the South Carolina Senate Republican Caucus, who took to Twitter to write that the story “proves EXACTLY why we need Voter ID in SC.”

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