GOP: Obama Court-Packing Or Fudge-Packing Or Something, Who Even Knows


Ugh, we can’t even. Fucking… OK, here we go. The new thing Republicans are saying: Nominating judges to fill vacancies on the DC Circuit Court is “court packing,” despite the fact that it is fucking not court packing, because “court packing” is a term that has an objective, universally acknowledged meaning and that meaning is not “replacing judges as they retire, bless their hearts they are OUT of this shitshow.”

Look, maybe you’re furious that the Senate won’t let your beloved President Mau Mau Rebellion have nice things like judges. Maybe you’re a bit more relaxed about it, remembering that Senate filibusters of judicial nominees were pretty cool when Bush was the one making nominations. Maybe something else! Whatever your feelings, if you’re informed enough to have any opinion on this issue, you know that nominating judges to fill existing vacancies is not “court packing,” which is when the number of seats on a given court bench is expanded, and these new vacancies are filled with partisans, in order to change the court’s ideological makeup. But you knew that! And guess what: Chuck Grassley knows that! Jon Kyl knows that! Mitch McConnell knows that! The Wall Street Journal knows that! So why are they all pretending they don’t know that, and calling Obama’s efforts to fill three vacancies on the DC Circuit Court “court packing?”

Because they can say whatever the fuck they want, and everyone who cares can rightly say they’re completely full of shit, and it makes no fucking difference, at all. There are absolutely no consequences, except for Salon writes a thing about it, and Wonkette writes a thing about the Salon thing, and nothing fucking changes. Politics!

Oh there’s another stupid, hypocritical angle to this story, don’t worry! Chuck Grassley, the senior Senator from Ass-Twatting, is SO CONCERNED about why Obama is trying to pack this court when it already has so much free time on its hands! Except:

Currently, the D.C. Circuit has 120 pending cases per authorized judgeship, which Grassley says is too few. But under George W. Bush, Grassley voted to confirm two judges when the court had just 109 cases per judge.

Awesome. It would be nice if people cared less about “Are you a conservative or a liberal?” and more about “Are you constantly fucking lying to me, baldly, about issues that matter a great deal, because you have not a shred of respect for my intelligence?” Oh well, at least McConnell might lose (he won’t).

[HuffPo / Salon]


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