GOP Oddly Employs Tasteless Attack on Obama [UPDATE]

The Tennessee Republican Party issued this press release today, in the wake of Barack Obama's hesitance to denounce, or reject, anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan's support in last night's debate. Obama's Muslim heritage poses so great a threat that the press release felt it was proper to use his full name: "The Tennessee Republican Party today joins a growing chorus of Americans concerned about the future of the nation of Israel, the only stable democracy in the Middle East, if Sen. Barack Hussein Obama is elected president of the United States." [Update below!] And guess which photo they used to illustrate this point?

America's favorite Matt Drudge photo, that's the one!:

Of course, the Tennessee GOP only used this photo because it so aptly illustrates their important points:

Obama, (pictured dressed in Muslim attire in a 2006 visit to Africa) has on the campaign trail pledged to rapidly remove American soldiers from Iraq regardless of the resulting instability and the creation of opening that would be filled by Islamic extremists, like Al Qaeda, in Iraq's government and military.

Obama has pledged to hold a Muslim Summit to determine Middle East policy with the very leaders that have as their goal to remove Israel from the map, referenced Jews to be "dogs" and "pigs," among other vile references.

Tennessee GOP chairwoman Robin Smith, dressed in Christian attire, defended the decision today, saying, "We have a duty to inform the Republican base." And you do! So when is that going to happen?

*UPDATE 6:45 P.M.:* The stalwart Tennessee GOP has caved in to the damn liberals by adding corrections and a clarification to the press release. Sell-outs:

*Clarification: This release originally referenced a photo of Sen. Obama and incorrectly termed it to be ""Muslim" garb. It is, in fact, Somali tribal garb, hence, we have deleted the photo. Also, in order to diffuse attempts by Democrats and the Left to divert attention from the main point of this release - that Sen. Obama has surrounded himself with advisers and recieved endorsements from people who are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel - we have deleted the use of Barack Obama's middle name.

Because when they called it "Muslim" garb, the picture adequately described Obama's feelings towards Israel.

Anti-Semites for Obama [Tenn. GOP]


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