GOP Stooges Now Claim Sleestak-Rove-Coptix Picture Is Fake

Shitty & the Sleestaks - WonketteWhat is true: The White House illegally routes the administration's criminal e-mail through a private Internet web server in a clumsy yet still illegal attempt to keep the Crime Organization's communications out of the public eye.

What is even more true: Some people in Chattanooga inserted a picture of Sleestaks into an image of Karl Rove holding a folder that proved he did 9/11.

What is stupid: The people who did the Photoshop job claim to have pulled some elaborate media hoax, based on Wonkette mocking the photo in stereotypical hippie protester lingo: THE WHITE HOUSE IS A CRIME SCENE.

What is sad: In 10 years, these guys will still be high-fiving each other because we called them idiots obsessed with Sleestaks.

Zeroing in on Karl Rove spoof photo [Coptix]

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