Gore Endorses Dean: We Pretend to Care So You Don't Have To

Pundits and pols agree that Gore's endorsement of Dean is a big deal, disagree as to whether Gore is a two-faced bitch to make it.

Lieberman: "I'm not going to talk about Al Gore's sense of loyalty this morning."

Rangel: "I only hope that he sticks with Dean longer than he stuck with [former vice presidential candidate Joe] Lieberman."

Dem consultant Dean Strother: "What this says is that all these Washington insiders who have been gnashing their teeth, wringing their hands and clinging to their cocktail cups can relax now. Dean's been knighted by the ultimate insider."

Former aide: "It's either Al Gore unplugged: 'Look at me! I don't need any advisers. I'm my own guy. I don't have to put my finger to the wind and I can do unconventional things.' Or it's that Dean draws the sharpest contrast with Bush and that's the attraction."

Andrew Sullivan: "If that doesn't stop the Dean campaign in its tracks, what will?"

Mickey Kaus: "[I]is he doing Kerry, at least, a favor by giving him an excuse for losing? ('Well, once Gore endorsed, I mean f***!')"

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