Our crazed loner brother has a fittingly spiteful and vitriolic Porter Goss poilitical obituary up, great reading while you're waiting for someone to publish tomorrow's stories on the resignation, which will either be earth-shattering or bland retellings of shit you've been reading on Wonkette (and TPM, Harper's, etc.) for a week now. But this passage is certainly fun:

"Something happened," neo-conservative magazine editor William Kristol said on Fox News this afternoon. "It's going to be a bad few days. We're going to discover something ... It will be something not good for the Bush Administration."

Fox News actually got a phone call from a "top White House official" during Kristol's damning comments, and Kristol was cut off so Bush mouthpiece Chris Wallace could say the Goss resignation is just a harmless part of the "White House shakeup." Sure.

Does Kristol actually know anything? He's probably just playing the pundit gambit of predicting something a) vague and b) huge, but, if nothing else, it means that there's your prevailing conventional wisdom: Shit's gonna go down this weekend.

Fall of an American Criminal [Sploid]


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