Gossip Roundup: Accepting Orgies for the Sake of Argument

Reliable Source:Scalia repeats, to crowd of 1,000: "I accept for the sake of argument that sexual orgies, homosexual or not, eliminate social tensions, and ought to be encouraged.". . . Albright, Podesta, Lockhart, Glickman, Sperling, Bono, Cusack, Robin Williams expected at "the" party in Little Rock tomorrow night. [WP]

Under the Dome:Breaux on being a centrist: "I loved being in the middle. I loved to do the deal, and everybody knew it.". . . Senate Historian recommends Robert Caro's Master of the Senate and Byrd's four-volume history to new members. . . Democrats vow not to be Daschled again. Said one aide, "There's a lot of resentment, not fear. Those bastards aren't going to get away with this again.". . . Bored staffer posts invitation to chat: "I feel like Fred Flintstone waiting for the pterodactyl bird whistle to blow so I can slide down the tail of my dinosaur crane and head out to happy hour." [The Hill]

Rush & Molloy:Matthews tells Parents Weekend gathering at Brown University he and his sons peed on Hitler's bunker: "I want my kids, when they're 90 years old, to remember when they were in their teens they pissed on Hitler's grave. Those little memories make all the difference.". . . Ashcroft: "The New York Times had a headline to the effect that, despite the drop in crime, prisons are overcrowded. Well, duh! Prison cells fill up when you catch the bad guys.". . . Robert Sam Anson to write biography of Cheney. [NYDN]

Page Six: "Which on-air news commentator was known as the "Typhoid Mary" of President Bush's campaign plane? The talking head coughed and sneezed so much, one news producer finally confronted her and told her to cover her mouth — but it was too late and a lot of other reporters got sick?". . . Rumseld spotted at South Beach hotspot. [NYP, NYP]


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