Gossip Roundup: Actually, Stupid Is Very American Edition

Reliable Source: Vanity Fair misquotes Bob Edwards as stating his height as 5-7: "People thought I was just jivin' the interview.". . . Daschle on Novak: "I'm offended that he'd think I was a cold character. . . I'm going to have to call Bob and send him a fuzzy, some sort of a warm and fuzzy present. I don't know what. Loosen up, Bob. Get a life.". . . Jenna, Barbara to host campaign chat. . . Bush: "There are a lot of Johns in this country who have their own business." [WP]

Heard on the Hill: McDermott finds fame from "F9/11". . . Hastert praised by women for comparing economic policies to "baking a cake" rather than a sports comparison. [Roll Call]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Ron Reagan: "I would want to know whether [Bush] believes that the thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans who have died as a result of our military campaigns will be welcome in heaven." [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy: Streep: "I based the character on men, all of it. I mean, I thought about a lot of women, but trust me, none of them are blond women senators from New York who are liberal.". . . Moore writes letter to hotel owner who fired Ronstadt, calls move "stupid and un-American." [NYDN]

Page Six: Ronstadt: "I saw a movie recently about a camel and these people in Mongolia, and I relate to them better than people here in this country. It looks like [Germany's pre-Nazi] Weimar Republic to me here." [NYP]

Liz Smith: Streisand will not be at Democratic convention. [NYP]

Cindy Adams: Hillary making quick roundtrip from Boston to New York for Byrd's book launch. . . Clinton plans Q&A at Learning Annex. [NYP]

The Scoop: 17,000 fans of Martha Stewart seek presidential pardon. [MSNBC]


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