Gossip Roundup: Again With the Damn Football

* Heard on the Hill The true story of how S.R. "Macaca" Sidarth ended up with the Webb campaign... Steny Hoyer is a great-grandfather. Jeez... Ken Mehlman jokingly threatened to ritually mutilate George Allen's genitals in a bizarre religious ceremony. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: Which election winners will be good for gossip, which losers we'll be sad to see leave, plus gratuitous mention of our stepmom. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays:Nancy Pelosi pretends to care about the House Dem's "30-Something Working Group," which is allowed to talk on the House floor only at night when all the grownups have gone home... Wm & Mary college Repubs list ways to get over election results. Number one: cry softly... After conceding the election, George Allen went on the radio to predict a victory for a Washington football club that was killed 27-3 by the Eagles... Only one of Y&N's "hottest" candidates won. [Examiner]

* Rush and Molloy:Bush jokes play great in Qatar. [NYDN]


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