Gossip Roundup: All Friends at the Ballpark Edition

Heard on the Hill: Lynne Cheney, Terry McAuliffe, others celebrate the Baltimore Orioles with George Will. Says Christine Pelosi, "Laura [Ingraham] and I did note that most Americans don�t focus on the presidential race until after the World Series, so it�s safe to say that thanks to the bipartisan hospitality of the Will and Angelos families, we�re all friends at the ballpark � at least �til the playoffs!". . . FEC filings describe GOP lobbyist as a "sycophant.". . . During a WP chat with Brian Lamb: "My mother spit out �Brian Lamb? I knew a Brian Lamb at Purdue,� I�m almost too embarrassed to say it, but apparently one of her sorority sisters was quite taken with you! In any case, she said she always thought you had been destined for great things and was glad to see that you�ve done so well." Lamb replied, "I am intrigued by who your mother is. Please contact me independently." [Roll Call]

Daily Dish & Gossip: Jackie was not satisfied with JFK: "He just goes too fast and falls asleep," she reportedly said. On reading poetry with McNamara: "Men can't understand his sex appeal.". . . [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy: Hughes postpones Larry King for Bill O'Reilly. . . Barbara Bush on spring break in New York, reports a witness: "She was having a lot of fun. Her Secret Service guy was standing outside. At one point she wrote down his number and gave it to the bartender. She wasn't hitting on him. I think she was just fooling around.". . . Cuomo to advise Kerry on housing issues. [NYDN]

Page Six: McAuliffe will likely be out after the election, regardless of results. A Kerry administration would give him a nice job though. . . Hillary chats with Richard Gere, Deepak Chopra, and Gloria Steinem at a gala. [NYP and NYP]

Cindy Adams: Conventional wisdom sees four more years of Bush and a barrage of Cheney attacks once he is officially on the ticket. [NYP]


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