Gossip Roundup: An Hourly Fight Edition

Heard on the Hill: Lott and company plan to wear matching seersucker suits on Thursday. Dole, Feinstein, Boxer, Hutchison may join in. . . Bush, Kerry embrace World Wrestling Entertainment. . . Hatch told Schumer he had a "compelling argument that that�s a dumb-ass thing to do." Last year, Hatch said of Schumer's questions: "I do know dumb-ass questions when I see dumb-ass questions." [Roll Call]

Out & About: Clay Aiken, Naomi Judd, Colin, and Alma honor Hillary, Ted Stevens, Deborah Pryce, Ford Jr., and Tom Osborne at America's Promise to Our Youth Gala. [WP]

Rush & Molloy: Kerry's Radio City bash rescheduled for July 8. . . New Yorker profile of Arnold includes raunchy quote. [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Denise Rich contemplating reality show. . . Elizabeth Dole on Viagra in VH1's "I Love the '90s": "It's a great drug, okay?" [NYDN]

The Scoop: Moore in fear, cites death threats against theater owner, says it's "an hourly fight" to protect site from hackers. [MSNBC]


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