Gossip Roundup: An Insult to Every Woman Edition

Under the Dome: Former Reagan mourners sell programs on eBay. . . Frist misses medicine. . . Invites to Luntz's party sent out. . . Carson Daly toured the Hill. [The Hill]

Reliable Source: Teresa's pumpkin spice cookie recipe for Family Circle already judged a loser. . . Party for Moore with 500 guests planned at Leftbank. [WP]

Inside the Beltway: Franken objects to Weekly Standard comment he "gushed" when talking to Hillary. . . Democratic group doesn't want a Reagan coin. [WT]

Heard on the Hill: MoveOn PAC to promote "Fahrenheit 9/11" in battleground states. [Roll Call]

Page Six: Monica declines interviews and invite to Clinton library; friend says Clinton's "because I could" explanation is "an insult to every woman;" Monica has run through profits from her book. . . 1,000 guests celebrate My Life with the Clintons at the Met, including Stephanopoulous, Franken, Ryder, Larry King, Paula Zahn, Sharpton, Wintour, Barbara Walters, Natalie Portman, Toni Morrison. [NYP and NYP]

The Scoop: 41 told Clinton My Life was too long, that he would split it with his son. [MSNBC]


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