Gossip Roundup: Anatomical Sexual Impossibility Edition

Names & Faces: Nader on CBC meeting: "I never raised my voice, but their voices ranged from the calm voice of John Conyers to the obscene shouting of Melvin Watt. It was really bad.". . . Playgirl's early results for best-looking anchor: "Right now Sean Hannity has taken the lead with 2,000 votes. Very close behind him, though, is Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann, but it's changing every hour." Rooney beats O'Reilly; Rivera is last. . . Campbell Brown dines with Harvey Weinstein before "F9/11" premiere. [WP]

Inside Politics: The Washington Times avoids fuck: "Mr. Cheney then responded with a barnyard epithet, urging Mr. Leahy to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility." [WT]

Inside the Beltway: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Ohio Democrat, rails against Reagan on House floor: "It was mostly smoke and mirrors, honed from a life and career lived in La-La Land." [WT]

Page Six: Flowers looks at suing Clinton for lies in My Life. [NYP]

Cindy Adams: Mary J. Blige, Dave Matthews, Sarah Jessica Parker added to Kerry's Radio City concert. . . Kerry-Nelson?. . . Powell hasn't left because "he is cognizant of the role he plays in the history of his race." [NYP]

Rush & Molloy: Moore receives death threats. . . Fox News "feels we've covered" Moore, cancels appearances by Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man authors. . . Teresa on Hillary's health care initiative: "If she's going to be chief, she should go through the nomination process like any other secretary." [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Non-VIPs get to jump Clinton's book line. [NYDN]


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