Gossip Roundup: Anderson Cooper's Personal Style

Under the Dome: Woman arrested for shouting "You don't know who's a pedophile" from Senate visitors' gallery. . . Pest traps deployed in DeLay's office. . . Reed to marry Senate staffer 16 years his junior on April 16. . . DSCC HQ renamed to honor Daschle. [The Hill]

Reliable Source:Anderson Cooper on making Vanity Fair's best-dressed list: "I am unaware that I have any personal style.". . . USA Next denies illegal use of photograph of gays kissing. . . Smiley offered top NAACP perch. . . Director of "Gunner Palace": "Everyone's so tuned into reality TV and button-pushing false realities, where it's all plotted out. This is war... This is not plotted out." [WP]

Inside Politics:Dorgan wants March to be "Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month" in honor of David Bloom.


Rush & Molloy:Wyclef Jean on Bush: "If he was a pot smoker, that makes him cooler to me." [NYDN]

Page Six:Chelsea Clinton gets celebrity perk: a seat at a crowded restaurant. [NYP]


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