* Reliable Source: Fitness instructor who joked about Bush told friends that he voted for him. . . Stephen Colbert: "This administration is SOARING! They're rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg.". . . Laura Bush spotted at Smith & Hawken in Georgetown. . . Andy Card is looking "perky" now that he can sleep in -- until 5 a.m. [WP]

* Heard on the Hill: Tony Snow has referred to Bush as "something of an embarrassment," "impotent," and not "truly special". . . Fitness instructor who offended the Bush twins will go on spinning. [Roll Call]

* Page Six: Smithsonian portrait of Bill Clinton doesn't include his wedding ring. Responds Hillary flack, "Can you just quote me giving you a different finger?" [NYP]

* Cindy Adams: Bob Woodward is being "kept on a short leash" at the Washington Post. [NYP]

* Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Rumsfeld did not attend the retirement ceremony of Eric Shinseki, the former Army Chief of Staff who has been critical of war planning. [NYDN]


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