Gossip Roundup: Anything for a Laugh

· James Carville makes with whoopee jokes: How do you and your conservative attack bot wife do it? "She usually goes on the bottom." We laughed until we stopped. [WP]

· ESPN/ABC sports reporter Jim Gray annoys folks on the Hill; people at the State of the Union address wore lots of red. [The Hill]

· In New Hampshire, Chris Matthews attempts to put on a happy face while watching himself being parodied on SNL. Fails. [WT]

· White House "laughs off" rumors of Cheney's permanent retirement to an undisclosed location in favor of Rudy Giuliani in the '04 veep spot. [NYDN]

· Getting the facts right: Conservative pundit accuses John Kerry of Bob Kerrey's war crimes. Hilarity ensues. [NYDN]

· Hollywood liberal elite grace us with insight: "Clinton was cool but a poor listener; Bush is a fraternity brother, not a president. Whereas Clinton didn't listen, Bush is simply not interested," says Variety's Peter Bart. [NYP]


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