Gossip Roundup: Attention Kerry Campaign Washouts: Hillary Is Hiring

· The Glover Park Group runs deep, as Hillary Clinton beefs up staff. Big-haired Glover Park Grouper Lorrie McHugh-Wytkind said to be tapped to handle media strategy, former Clinton Deputy Press Secretary and campaign-hopping Deaniac-turned-Kerrynaut and fellow Glover Parkite Sarah Gegenheimer to handle communications. [Rush & Molloy]

· Capitol Club hosts Reagan book signing; Tom Ford look-a-like Eric Dezenhall, Reagan Ranch Board of Governors head Frank Donatelli, columnist R. Emmett Tyrrell, American Conservative Union's David Keene and recent Homeland Security resignee Asa Hutchinson attend. Boy that must have been some party, we bet the laughter never stopped. [Reliable Source]

· Senator Chuck Schumer's wife does not, repeat, does not curse out "commoners" in parking lots. [Page Six]

· Arnold Schwarzenegger: reads Austrian newspapers daily, still retains ability to speak German. Now that's gossip.[Cindy Adams]

· West Wing's John Spencer confuses TV set with actual Oval Office. [Boldface Names]


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