Gossip Roundup: Bad Boy For Life

· Reliable Source finally gets to the Bob Novak assault story. (Probably felt like he needed to report it or something. We know better: We got an anonymous email tip.) Pictures of old men to interrupt Men's Journal's usual array of "Get These Abs" features: Rummy and John McCain named among the toughest guys in America. Nader's presidential ambitions. D.C. Mayor Tony Williams vows to "crush" any recall movement. [WP]

· Let the NFL decide presidential nominations (but no half-time show, we assume); Washington Times still concerned that you don't know Barney Frank is gay. [WT]

· Oh, fuck me: Reps.Joe Baca (D-Calif.) and Tom Osborne (R-Neb.) have just formed "the bipartisan Sex and Violence in the Media Caucus." Tom Delay makes a funny. Rep.John Dingell accidentally gets invited to a Bush party and gets all sarcastic about it. [Roll Call]

·Rep. Jim Nussle makes a funny (such cards, these guys) about spending on Medicare, but "sav[ing] a ton on my car insurance." Pelosi and DeLay fight the urge to claw each other's eyes out, say nice things about each other. [The Hill]

·Lloyd Grove takes credit for getting California First LadyShriver to quit NBC. [NYDN]

·LBJ did not, we repeat: did not kill Kennedy. P. Diddy maybe isn't such a great spokesman for the Democratic party: "Half man, half drugs ...my hand on my jock, holdin' my Glock." And then there are those "ho's to see." [NYDN]


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