Gossip Roundup: Bloomberg Needs a Cheese Pie Because Edition

Washington Whispers:Stephanopoulos' campaign mantras: 1. "Divide and conquer." 2. "Safety first." 3. "It's Iraq, stupid." 4. "Forget history." 5. "Don't forget healthcare." 6. "Catholics count." 7. "Focus on Ohio.". . . Nader recommends that reporters save their articles like he does: "But if you got them all in front of you on a big table. . . ". . . Affleck gave Jessica Lynch his number. . . Said one Veteran for Kerry referring to Cheney having a child to avoid the draft: "I never knew Cheney was the first hippie. He made love so he didn't have to make war.". . . Clinton-inspired TV show debuts this fall. "Think West Wing meets the Wonder Years". . . Clark has faux-support for a Kerry-Richardson ticket. . . Pentagon doesn't allow photos of bearded Special Forces. [USN&WR]

Heard on the Hill:Rep. Henry Brown (R-S.C.) utilized Hooters Air. Said flak, "Hooters Air is just like any other airline. It just happens to have a distinctive name. If the connotation is that they�re involved in something unwholesome in flight, it�s just not the case.". . . Ensign and Sununu bicker over "Faster Senator, Male" honor. [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway:Roy Blunt: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. . . [Democrats] don't believe that democracy can ever take root in an Arab nation. This belief is wrong." [WT]

Inside Politics:Katherine Harris forgot to sign her absentee ballot. [WT]

Rush & Molloy: Protests planned for GOP convention include "Boobs Against Bush" and pie throwing. Says protester Aron Kaye: "There should be a plague of pies upon the Republican Convention. Bush should get an apple pie in his face, because he has been stuffing his kooky brand of patriotism down our throats. Bloomberg needs a cheese pie because he thinks he is such a big cheese. And John Ashcroft needs a juicy fruit pie because he is so anti-gay." [NYDN]

Fox 411:Donahue supports Kerry over Nader, but adds: "Did you hear John Kerry say on TV that maybe there are weapons of mass destruction? Did you hear him? He might as well be helping Bush!" [Fox News]


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