Gossip Roundup: Blue Steel Revolvers and Ski Masks

  • Heard on the Hill: Angry Crackberry addict Bob Ney may still take out his anti-Copley News ad... Rahm Emanuel was seen having a "quiet, sulky dinner" with Fox's Major Garrett at Rosa Mexicana. [Roll Call]

  • The Scoop:Ann Coulter accused of plagiarism. [MSNBC]

  • Washington Whispers: Michael Chertoff doesn't use email... Dennis Hastert's staff has dangerous helicopter ride in Iraq... Mike Huckabee to raise money for presidential run in unorthodox fashion: "I've got a map of 7-Elevens, a bunch of blue steel revolvers, and some ski masks," he kids. "We're going to go all over the country and raise money in a very unique way." [USN&WR]

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