Gossip Roundup: Boomin' Granny

  • Reliable Source: "Body language" expert handicaps some races. Michael Steele holds "an invisible basketball"... More proof that women cannot be trusted in positions of power: Nancy Pelosi may skip election day. Not to go hunting like a man, but to watch her daughter deposit another wretched child onto this godforsaken overcrowded planet. [WP]

  • Yeas and Nays: The following celebrities were here for unimportant reasons: Wilmer Valderrama, Lionel Richie, and Robert Duvall... Hippies hold big hippie party in Meridan Park, hope to convince other hippies to vote, if they're not too high. [Examiner]

  • Rush and Molloy:Chelsea Clinton gets job with fancy hedge fund, boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky works at one of their brokers. Office sex to follow office rail-blowing. [NYDN]

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