Gossip Roundup: Brutally Frank Edition

Washington Whispers:The Simpsons co-executive producer Tim Long: "With Clinton, you had the real-estate scam, the [vulgar term referring to the sex scandal]. He was a gift from the comedy gods. With Bush, the atmosphere is much more serious. And he's this clean-living guy. Some people love him and some hate him, but it's hard to get a comedic toehold on him, coming after the greatest comedy president in the last 100 years. I'll be really impressed if you get the words '[vulgar term referring to the sex scandal]' in print.". . . Kennedy plans a similar Iraq as Vietnam, Bush as Nixon speech because the first went so well. . . Insider on Clinton's testimony: "He was candid, brutally frank, and critical of himself." [USN&WR]

Names & Faces:Neil Bush is not the father of his new wife's 3-year-old son, according to DNA tests; a setback for his ex-wife in a slander suit by her ex-husband. [WP]

Page Six: "The Official Handbook for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" aims to provide conservatives with arguments against the left. [NYP]

Liz Smith:Dennis Hopper: "I liked [Bill] Clinton, but I voted for Bush Sr. And I'm definitely voting for [George W.] Bush again." [NYP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Barbara Walter's $6 million book deal is twice that of Tim Russert. [NYDN]


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