Gossip Roundup: Bush Hearts Huckabee

Washington Whispers: Bayh pitches himself as the anti-Hillary in '08 fundraising circles. . . Huckabee has pajama party with Bush. . . Clinton White House, pre-Lewinsky, distributed official cigar tins. . . Generals Pace and Jones are top candidates for Joint Chiefs post. . . U.N. Foundation launches public relations campaign and blog to combat criticisms. [USN&WR]

Rush & Molloy: Lizz Winstead leaves Air America. [NYDN]

Page Six: Schumer picks Kerry over Hillary in '08 jab. [NYP]

Cindy Adams: New CNN show for Borowitz, Goldberg, Beinart, and Brownstein? [NYP]

The Scoop: Will Smith has "weird naivete" that he could be president. [MSNBC]


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