Gossip Roundup: Celebrating Lesbian Love Edition (Got Your Attention, Eh, Tucker?)

The Reliable Source: Ed Gillespie insists on being on TV with Terry McAuliffe "like a conjoined twin.". . . Neil Bush marries former mistress and Barbara Bush volunteer. . . Grover Norquist, Leon Harris, James Rosen of Fox News, and others vie to be named funniest D.C. (non) celebrity. [WP]

Washington Whispers: When Marine One lands on the South Lawn, the press has been known to call over Barney, forcing Bush to retrieve him and field questions. "We just hope they don't start using treats.". . . George Pataki, Rudy Giuliani prep for '08. . . McAuliffe's son and his friends temporarily seized the Fox News greenroom. [USN]

Under the Dome: Kerry headquarters moves two blocks from 1600. . . Michael Moore spotted with camera in Longworth House Office Building pressing lawmakers who supported the war. . . $1,703 from Rep. Buck McKeon's (R-Calif.) PAC given to Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for "facility use/purchase jelly beans." [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) wants to bring Howard Stern to Capitol Hill. . . Hillary Clinton flak on Tucker Carlson's comments about her seeming tense: "First it was his shoe, now it's his foot.". . . McAuliffe received a fundraising letter from George and Laura at his home. [Roll Call]

The Scoop: Barbra Streisand on the Reagan miniseries uproar: "The right wing is very well-organized. They fight dirty.". . . Jenna Bush met Britney Spears before a concert in Las Vegas. [MSNBC]

Rush and Molloy: Jennifer Garner stars in new PSA for the CIA. "She could be a spy. She's got what it takes," says a CIAer. . . Arianna Huffington: "Since George W. Bush ran as a compassionate conservative, Bush Republicans have become the transvestites of the political world. They can put a dress and makeup on, make themselves all pretty, and promise to care about the poor and schoolteachers, and quality health care, but behind the mascara, cheap perfume, and come-hither looks, they're still the same guys who march us into war, plunge us into huge deficits, and rail against gay marriage and taxes." [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Laura Flanders on Lynne Cheney's 1981 lesbian romance novel: "It's celebrating lesbian love and promotes the value of preventative devices, condoms, to women who want to remain free. It features a woman who has unmarried sex with the widow of her sister - all this by Lynne Cheney, the culture warrior of the right." [NYDN]


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