Gossip Roundup: Chelsea's Big Burger and Lewinsky's Big Hot Dog Edition

Names: Eunice Shriver to Alec Baldwin: "Where have I seen you? In the movies?" Baldwin: "Or buying tickets to your family's fund-raisers.". . . Andre 3000, Biden, Albright visit Kennedy Library. . . Bianca Jagger, Richard Schiff, Wendie Malick, Alan Cumming attend Daschle speech. . . Jon Stewart: "We have wrung every ounce of inspiration out of the political system.". . . Chelsea seen eating burger at Noir bar in Charles Hotel. [BG]

Reliable Source: A revolt for Kucinich at the convention?. . . Sharpton does James Brown at Rock the Vote party with Cate Edwards, Vanessa, Alexandra, McAuliffe, Natalie Portman. . . Affleck interviews the Kerry daughters. Says Alex, "Because of the dark world of the Internet, I'm told there are now entire Web pages dedicated to my breasts. So that was cool. You gotta love the Internet." [WP]

Under the Dome: Biz Markie: "We need Kerry and Edwards in this motherf---er.". . . Little Richard throws fit at Boston Globe party. [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Daschle never hugged Moore: What a relief!. . . Ron denies his opening line is "I


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