Reliable Source:Jenna Bush was spotted at a private party in Glover Park's Town Hall on Saturday night; she wore a "satin turquoise camisole" and smoked Newports. [WP]

Under the Dome:Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Fla.) compares politics to prostitution: "I have to go up to total strangers, ask them for money and get them to expect me to be there when they need me. What does that sound like to you?". . . Lawmakers move to ban the BTK killer from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery. [The Hill]

Rush & Molloy: Spokespeople for Simon & Schuster and The New York Times deny Arianna Huffington's claims of a $1.2m book deal for Judith Miller. [NYDN]

Page Six: With Carpal Tunnel in his right hand, Vernon Jordan now shakes with his left. . . Specter, Grassley support televised Supreme Court proceedings. [NYP, NYP]

Inside the Beltway:Wolf Blitzer was nearly killed by Israeli guards in 2002. [WT]


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