Gossip Roundup: Comical If It Were Not So Dangerous Edition

Washington Whispers: Administration holds secret antiterrorism drills based on premise of an attack on Washington before November. . . Senators more likely to appear on Sunday talk shows than House members. . . Draft Wes Clark organizers try to end Nader's run. . . Bush's science advisor on the president's BS meter: "He gets angry when people hide things or try to distort information that could be relevant to a decision.". . . Teresa said to be powerful force in Pennsylvania; more popular than Ridge. . . Arkansas governor keeps to his diet, even on Air Force One: "I would have liked to have the sandwich, but I would have had no credibility with the president." [USN&WR]

Heard on the Hill: Government Printing Office misprints and recalls 712,000 copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. . . Hastert's memoir titled "Speaker." HOH solicits alternatives. . . Flak and media expected to attend GM Auto Show in droves. [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway: Head of the NRA gives head of the ACU a photo of a gun in place of the real thing because of strict D.C. laws. . . House subcommittee approves resolution to keep Supreme Court soverign. [WT]

Inside Politics:Nader's phone calls to Kerry are not returned. . . Jerry Springer will be a Democratic delegate in Boston. . . Zell Miller: Kerry "is so out of touch with the average American, it would be comical if it were not so dangerous.". . . [WT]

Rush & Molloy:Springsteen may stage free concert opposite Republican convention. . . Republicans may complain to FEC about Michael Moore film. "This is a blatant political ad in the guise of a documentary. It's totally in contravention of the McCain-Feingold [soft-money ban]," says source. [NYDN]

Fox 411: "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be in theaters on July 4. [Fox News]


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