• Heard on the Hill: Claire Shipman gave 16 House Members a pop quiz on the lyrics of the national anthem for tonight's Nightline. . . Rep. Patrick Kennedy's office has been fielding funny messages from constituents following last week's incident. "Oh yeah, right, Ambien my butt," said one caller. [Roll Call]

  • Cindy Adams: The ousting of Porter Goss was an "emergency decision". . . Rep. Patrick Kennedy knows "he couldn't cut it" as president or senator. [NYP]

  • Page Six: Pataki, Romney, and Frist court big donors at the Kentucky Derby. . . Clinton and Vernon Jordan receive a standing ovation for eating "mountains" of food at a Harlem restaurant. . . Sen. Kennedy seen on the Acela with George Clooney and Ron Silver. [NYP]

  • Names & Faces: Sen. Obama, despite plea from Neil Young, has no plans to run in '08. [WP]

  • Inside the Beltway: James Carville reportedly likes Cosmo magazine. . . Wolf Blitzer's daughter likes his beard. [WT]


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