Gossip Roundup: Desperate Partygoers Edition

Pink Elephants:Lally Weymouth calls the police to get gate crashers. . . Franken corners Kissinger, both all smiles. . . Bloomberg, Harold Evans, Les Moonves attend two concurrent parties. [NYT]

Reliable Source: Desperate partygoers joke about spotting real celebrities. Asks one, "Is this supposed to be the big party of the night?". . . McCain celebrates birthday with Tom, Peter, Dan, Barbara plus Koppel, Stephanopoulos, Wallace, Schieffer, Heyward, Westin, Woodruff, Greenfield, Matthews, Rose, Zuckerman, Safire, Brooks, Shapiro. [WP]

Inside Politics:Brokaw compares moderate front of GOP to "three-card monty," noting "the dealer almost always wins." [WT]

Inside the Beltway: Times Square hotel hides Heinz ketchup. . . Carville's children's book out tomorrow. [WT]

Heard on the Hill: R: The Party mostly filled with lonely young men. . . "Axis of Eve" to "expose and depose" Bush by baring all in Battery Park tomorrow. [Roll Call]

Under the Dome:Buchanan on '92: "That was a real convention.". . . Bush twins' gay hairdresser lobbies Bush to support civil unions because "the average American thoroughly enjoys 'Will and Grace'". . . Only VIPs at R: The Party received free drinks. . . Dupont Circle Krispy Kreme customers prefer Kerry 4 to 1. [The Hill]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Security confiscates Steve Scully's banana and mouthwash. . . Pataki avoids Al Jazeera. [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Sharpton attends "Girls Gone Wild" party in Miami. . . Alexandra, Vanessa party with Usher, Olsens. . . Giuliani jokes he and Hillary both support the Yankees and Bush. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Russert, Safire, McLaughlin, Zuckerman, Billy Bush, Harry & Tina and others dine at Elaine's. [NYP]

Fox 411: MoveOn.org may stage giant show in Miami with all acts. [Fox News]


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