Reliable Source:Jack Abramoff was on an all-sushi diet until his mercury levels shot up. . . Cheney and Rumsfeld takes their wives to DoD dinner in Chinatown. [WP]

Inside the Beltway: "Well-known" politician complains about political commentator: "Every time I tell him something, and explain that it is 'off the record,' I hear it broadcast the next day. And every time I confront him about it, he says: 'I know it was off the record, but it was too good not to use.'". . . The National Republican Senatorial Committee is keeping a close eye on Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Arthur Schlesinger Jr. on Bush's gathering of secretaries of state: "The meeting lasted for 35 minutes. Does he think we're all stupid?" [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Bush-41 tells George Clooney that he enjoyed "Good Night, and Good Luck." [NYP]


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