* Reliable Source: White House pastry chef leaves for Las Vegas. . . Press accidently catch a glimpse of Bush on his bike with "pink-and-blue socks". . . Clintons took a hike in Rock Creek Park on Saturday. . . George Stephanopoulos seen barefoot in Glover Park. [WP]

* Under the Dome: Sen Jean Carnahan (D-Mo.) failed to pay taxes on her parking spot. [The Hill]

* Inside the Beltway: "Once-powerful lobbyist" seeks letters from friends to reduce jail time. [WT]

* Rush & Molloy: Sen. Obama "stole the show" at the Gridiron Dinner. Said Bush, "I want to do a joke on you, [but] give me something to work with... Mispronounce something!" [NYDN]

* Page Six: Top Clinton donors invited to $2,100 per person fundraiser hosted by Mark Patricof. [NYP]


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