Gossip Roundup: Fowler Language

* Heard on the Hill:Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) is trying to make his office carbon-neutral... Mike Pence claims the Colts won because Bush said something vaguely optimistic about their chances once. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source:Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were partying with Dan Snyder again! [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Oh no, Tommy Jacomo might not host lunch at The Palm anymore! ... Don Fowler cursed out, almost beat down some journo. [Examiner]

* Under the Dome: Democrats spent all weekend drinking, dancing, not wearing ties... HBO now offering Stuart Saves His Family on demand in honor of future Senator Al Franken. [The Hill]

* Shenanigans: You know what the difference is between you and rich, important people like Robert Gates? Robert Gates gets to smoke wherever the hell he wants... Rep. Ilena Ros-Lehtinen incredibly excited to meet, uh, John McCain. [Politico]

* The Sleuth:Senator Mike Enzi wears a big diamond ring on his pinky. [WP]


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